Multi Day Charters

US$2000 per 24 hours
Multi Day Charters


We offer Cruising around Grand Cayman, The Sister Islands and Cuba, its a 2 night Minimum (Grand Cayman Only) and depending on your adventure a maximum of 6 nights. Breakfast, and Light snacks/Lunches are arranged to order, with Dinner options onboard or at an array of local restaurants. As these Charters are very personal/specific please email or call to discuss. Reasonably priced at US$2000 per 24 hour period we take a very maximum of 8 people, for Ultimate comfort we suggest 2-6 guests.

We shall provide:
  • Snorkel gear, life jackets, snorkel vests, and or "Noodles".
  • Bait for the Rays.
  • Bottled Water.
  • Music (Bluetooth Available)
  • WiFi.
  • In addition we can arrange to provision with your choice of Beer, Wine and Liquor (My cost is your ) or BYOB.
  • We accept Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX and Cash.